Monday, February 23, 2009

Shop, Shop, Shop, Oh How we Love to Shop!

Here we are in Chino Hills, CA, shopping area, doing a bit of shopping and having fun looking around in shops. Here are a few pixs of the kids and I, as well as with their aunty Lisa. It's so much fun, and I find it a whole lot better shopping down in the states than back home in Canada. Maybe because, the prices are better and there's a whole lot more of a variety of shops to shop from. I had a great time shopping for some clothes for the kids & myself, and a few little gifts for some friends back home for their help in a few things w/me being down here in California.
Ocean and Ky, had tons of fun killing time between shops by being entertained with this water fountain thingy. Between "Victoria Secrets" and "Bath & Body Works", we must've been at this water spray for a good 20 mins. that's how much fun these two were having with the water spray.

Whooa Mom, look at that!

This is my beautiful Sister, Lisa, with the kids, just taking a moment to have a picture taken.

So, here are some pictures of the shops that we went shopping and looking through. I got a few little gifts from here for some friends that I mentioned earlier for back home who have helped me with some things while me being down here, in LA.

So, here's a cute little story about Ky and this store. While waking along outside of this shop and just before going into it, we kept seeing a lot of the "Victoria's Secret" ads, which of course you can imagine what they would be like, b/c there really are "no secrets" to "Victoria's Secret" ads. So, every time we came across an ad in the window, Ky would say, "Yuck Mom, Yuck". It was so darn cute that my sister and I started chuckling and Ky then says, "Not funny mom, not funny!" Yes, kids say the darndest things, and he definitely knows what "modesty" is for a 3 year old. I guess I'm doing something right.

Love this place, had the cutest girl things, but didn't really have anything I was needing for the kids. However, it was great having to go in and look around.

Gotta love "Old Navy". Everybody loves "Old Navy! At least I do. I got some really cute tops here for myself, and some awesome clothes for my boys at some really great prices. That's really why I love this store, it's got cute clothes for affordable prices. Love It! My sister even got Ocean a few cute shirts. Now this is one of the biggest things that I will surely miss about the states, are the shops and affordable shopping. But, I am thankful to be where I am, in Vanderfhoof, BC Canada, even though we don't have the convienences and shops as the states do, but it definitely gives me something to always look forward to when I come down to the states, when coming to visit my family. We girls just all love to shop, especially, when you can get more for your money!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A February Spring in L.A.

So, here are just a few of some pixs that I decided to take and have with, with my new camera. They're nothing like my photography 'idols' Karli & Kara, but I'm learning and I think they'll do for now. So, enjoy a bit of some nature found in L.A.

SledNecks Party

Ok, so here's Jaram giving the kids rides back up the hill during our sledding party out at Daniel & Camille's new property out on Bave Rd. I think they lost a rider coming up the hill.
Ruger Daniel Albertson taking a moment to pose & give a little smile.

Brynli Albertson freezing her nose off. Poor child. She did have fun, though. Check out the pretty background which the sunset made just before getting entirely dark.

Camille Albertson braving up to head down the hill alone.

Ky with buddy, Whitney Albertson, enjoying the watch of watching everyone else sled, from the top of the hill.

Ky waiting for daddy to come and get hime to go sledding just beyond that line of trees behind him.

Jaram taking Ocean (in pink), Mykenzie Albertson (purple), and Teancum out to the sledding hill.

Teancum (on the right) and one of his best buddies, Karson Albertson, just taking a moment to pose before "slednecking" down the hill.

This is one of my fav's of a candid of Ocean. She's like in thought as she watches the others sled down the hill and as she winds down before the sledding party comes to an end.

Here's the sledding party crew heading out to the spot. (L-R) Jaram, Ky[look real close and you can see him thru the truck window inside the cab], Hyrum Albertson, Mykenzie Albertson, Teancum, Ocean, Ruger Albertson, & Daniel Albertson. The kids were so stoked to be riding in the back of the pick up.