Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ocean!

Ocean blowing out her birthday pie at McDonald's since I didn't get a birthday cake, which was a-ok for her b/c she's not a real 'cake' kinda girl. Then everyone had ice cream cones after she blew out her candles.

Tuesday, May 19th, our little Ocean celebrated her 5th birthday with 4 little friends out in Prince George at the Aquatic Center Swimming Pool. She and her little friends along with a few mothers, who I'd like to say, "Thank you, for coming out and helping out at the pool.", had a great time swimming. Then afterwards went out to McDonalds to have lunch and presents and more play time. Ocean was excited for her birthday and especially to go swimming with a few of her friends.
Here's a little something about Ocean:
She's sweet, tender hearted, shy, until you get to really know her, fun, funny, loves her kitty, Jack Sparrow (Jack, Jack), is helpful around the house, can get and be a bit messy, loves doing crafts, especially scrapbooking. She loves to sing and dance, ride her bike, play soccer, which by the way, she is finally bringing out her 'A' game, as we get further into the season, play and pick on her little brother, Ky, and she absolutely LOVES WATERMENLONS.
We love our Ocean, never a dull moment with her, and she always has something to say that will make you think, "What the! Where in the world did you come up with that?" She's a bright little girl and we love her to pieces.

It's all about the presents for Ocean.

Here's the party crew. (L-R) Charley M., Ainsley M. Avery L., Ocean, Emma G.

Getting ready to get wet!

Emma, having a blast!

Charley, having fun getting everyone else wet.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soccer Season, Once again.

Yes, it is that time of year that has come upon us once again, SOCCER SEASON!  This is Teancum's second year playing, and he is so excited.  On Monday, May 4th, was the first day.  Teancum's coach is sweet, Rebecca Devries, you see just below there.  
Earlier during registration time, I asked Ocean if she wanted to play this season, since she was now of age to play.  She said, 'No', then came the first day of soccer and she went to watch.  On our way home, she says, "Mom, I think I want to play soccer now."  The little brat. [She's really not all Brat.]  Luckily, there were extra jerseys and an extra spot on Teancum's team, and Rebecca was willing to take her.  I knew Ocean would have eventually had wanted to play.  She's a pretty good little player and well coordinated when it comes to sports.
Well, now both Teancum and Ocean are playing soccer and on the same team.  Yesterday, Wednesday, May 6th, was their first game. -They play other little Timbits teams that are in the same Vanderhoof Soccer Association.  Teancum & Ocean's team is Team 1, so yesterday they played Team 2.  Grandma Maureen Arnold took them & Ky to their soccer game, because Jaram & I, unfortunately missed the game, due to traveling down to Seattle to the temple and to see my cousin, Lucy.  Anyways, while in Seattle I talked to the kids over the phone and got the spill on the game from them.  Teancum had scored a goal and Ocean got to play Goalie.  Grandma said, they had lots of fun and they played well.   I'm so proud of them, I'm sad to have missed their first game, but Jaram and I look forward to seeing the rest of their games when we get back.
Getting ready to scrimmage against each other on the team.

just heading back to the group.

Teancum, practicing on his dribble.  Just before receiving their team jersey

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Monsters VS Aliens" A night @ the movies

While Dad (Jaram) was away on a weeks sledding trip out to the mountains, I took the kids to the movies here in town at the Grand Reo Theatre to see "Monster vs Aliens", it was a movie that the kids have been waiting to see. We had a great time, the kids were just estatic to be able to see it. And it's always a 'treat' for them to be able to go to the movie theatre in town.