Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear Santa,

This is a little late, but it's a little something of our Christmas holidays that you all can read up on. Hope you and your family had a wonderful, and peaceful Christmas. We love Santa! Had to sneek in a pix with him before the kids did.

Our Teancum, can't believe how fast he's growing up.
He asked Santa for a Ski-doo sled/tabogin (spelling ?)

Koral, she didn't cry, she wasn't too happy in this picture, but she was really thrilled to see Santa.

Ocean, was well prepared to see Santa, she sat on his lap and handed him her letter/list.
She's been doing it since she was 5.

Ky, he's a believer and a huge fan of Santa. This year he asked Santa for an XBox. Good luck, Ky! Christmas Morning came and he opened his present from Santa and he says, " Oh, I knew it was Star Wars" then he gets a better look at it, realizes what it is and says, "I didn't ask for Green Lantern." He loves it, but I just had to laugh.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Here we are Christmas Eve! Taking a quick pix before sending the kids off to bed, so Santa could come our way. We had a lovely Christmas eve dinner with Bro. & Sis. Jerry Peterson. The turkey and all the trimmings, thankfully turned out great.

Ocean, Muloki (Ky), Jaram, Koral, Teancum, & Rubie
"One Big Happy Family!"

Teancum, getting new snow pants to go with his and his siblings 'BIG' present from mom and dad.

It's Christmas morning now! This year, we finally got our Christmas morning to ourselves, and boy oh boy, was it ever NICE to have it to ourselves. The past Christmas mornings we've spent them with my in-laws, they've been great, but it's just gotten to be a little too much for the kids and just a bit too rushed of a Christmas morning. So, this year we requested that from here on we will start our own traditions of having our Christmas mornings to ourselves. So this morning we got up at 8 a.m. had our Christmas story out of Luke 2, had family prayer, and then on to the stockings and presents, then had breakfast. It was totally relaxing and "rush-free".

Muloki is loving his Christmas gift that he received from his sister Ocean. He got a Lego kit and some balloons that he could build characters with.

Ocean with her Princess game from her sister, Koral.

Merry Christmas y'all and have a Happy New Year!
All the best and much love,
From the Arnolds

Monday, December 13, 2010

Muloki's 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to my little Muloki Joseph!
I can't believe how much and how fast my baby boy is growing in to a big boy. Ky is such a sweetheart. He's loving, thoughtful, and lovable. He's good little friend, a great help at home with little chores, and an awesome big brother to his baby sister, Koral. She really loves him. We all do!
Ky celebrated his 5th, by having a few of the boys from his Kindergarten class over, as well as some from his primary class, for a sledding party. The party was a hit! The boys all had a blast going sledding and then coming in to warm up, sing 'Happy Birthday', open presents, have birthday cake, and then have some play-time with toys down in our basement. It was definitely a fun filled afternoon.
A huge thanks to you mom's for bringing your boys and for some mom's staying to hang out.
Ky wanted a 'tug-boat' cake for his birthday.

Here you have the whole gang:
Bjorn T., Thayne H. Eryck D., Muloki A., Noah G., Jack H.,
Kaid L., & Hyrum A.

Bjorn T. focused.

Hyrum A. just chillin'.

Thayne H. at the end of a slide.

Ky & Eryck D. having a grand ol' time!

Kaid L., he's thinking about it.

Hyrum A. having a good time!

Noah G. & Jack H. having a great time sharing a sled!

The gang all inside.

He got 'em all blown out in 2 blows. lol!

Ky & Jack H.

Ky w/Kaid L.

With Thayne. Thayne made Ky an awesome homemade card, which Ky loved.

Bjorn T.
Ky is lovin' his monster truck.

Hyrum A. Ky is loving this snowball maker too!

Noah G. Every boy loves Transformers.

Eryck D.
Funny story: At the beginning of Kindergarten, Ky come home with a note from his teacher saying he had hit Eryck as they were getting in line to go to the Gym. A few days later he comes home to say that he and Eryck are best budds at school and are getting along.
Boys! Just had to get their differences out was all.

This should be one of Ky's most memorable birthdays! He had tons of fun and lots of great presents, and not too mention, a great company of friends.
Thanks boys!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vancouver Temple Trip

We absolutely love our new Vancouver Temple. The kids enjoyed it, which we were relieved, not that they wouldn't, but they did and they did well on the tour, surprisingly. After the tour we asked each kid what was their favorite thing about the temple.
Teancum: The Baptistry, The Garden Room, & Sealing Room. (In that order).
Ocean: The Sealing Room & Bride's Room
Muloki: The Garden Room & Baptistry
As for me, it was having to be in the Celestial Room with Jaram and the kids! There was an overwhelming feeling of the spirit as we all entered into that room together. I thought to myself that one day, when my children become of age and are worthy to enter the temple that this is what it will be like, or even more! I'm so grateful for such an experience and to have shared it with my children. I'm grateful for eternal families. I pray that I may live up to my calling as a mother and fulfill my calling in raising my children to achieve the goal of returning to the temple and especially to their Father in Heaven.
I love the temple! We are so blessed to finally have within our midst. I cant wait to back again!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to School!

Hey, FINALLY an updated post! Here are all three of my kids heading back to school or heading to school for the very first time. Teancum is in First grade this year, Ocean in Kindergarten, and Muloki going into Preschool. They were all pretty excited. I guess you can say Teancum, was less excited. However, Ocean was just stoked about it and is wishing she could go everyday, all day, Teancum wishes the same thing too for Ocean. I have to constantly remind them it won't be long and she will be come next year. Ocean loves taking the bus, she loves everything about school, actually. Teancum, likes his teacher, Mrs. Karen Kerr, so that's a good thing, his favorite subject would have to be 'recess' if you call it a subject. Muloki (Ky) hasn't officially started pre-school, but here in these pictures, he's heading off to "Strong-Start" which is a drop-in program w/the parents at W.L. McLeod Elementary School. He was excited to be going. Ky's pre-school program starts next month on the 6th.
A Day of Firsts for Teancum.
The Road to School! (The bus, actually.)

Have a Good day, Budd!

Ocean's First day, can you tell she's stoked?! Well, she is and was and still is.

Taking a pose just out in front of the school sign.

One of Ocean's fav's about school, riding the bus. I'm always glad to have them home after a long day, Ky is too.
My little Muloki, what a poser. He was excited and ready to go to Strong-Start!

He's heading for the car to get going.
At the doors of Education!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ocean!

Ocean blowing out her birthday pie at McDonald's since I didn't get a birthday cake, which was a-ok for her b/c she's not a real 'cake' kinda girl. Then everyone had ice cream cones after she blew out her candles.

Tuesday, May 19th, our little Ocean celebrated her 5th birthday with 4 little friends out in Prince George at the Aquatic Center Swimming Pool. She and her little friends along with a few mothers, who I'd like to say, "Thank you, for coming out and helping out at the pool.", had a great time swimming. Then afterwards went out to McDonalds to have lunch and presents and more play time. Ocean was excited for her birthday and especially to go swimming with a few of her friends.
Here's a little something about Ocean:
She's sweet, tender hearted, shy, until you get to really know her, fun, funny, loves her kitty, Jack Sparrow (Jack, Jack), is helpful around the house, can get and be a bit messy, loves doing crafts, especially scrapbooking. She loves to sing and dance, ride her bike, play soccer, which by the way, she is finally bringing out her 'A' game, as we get further into the season, play and pick on her little brother, Ky, and she absolutely LOVES WATERMENLONS.
We love our Ocean, never a dull moment with her, and she always has something to say that will make you think, "What the! Where in the world did you come up with that?" She's a bright little girl and we love her to pieces.

It's all about the presents for Ocean.

Here's the party crew. (L-R) Charley M., Ainsley M. Avery L., Ocean, Emma G.

Getting ready to get wet!

Emma, having a blast!

Charley, having fun getting everyone else wet.