Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to School!

Hey, FINALLY an updated post! Here are all three of my kids heading back to school or heading to school for the very first time. Teancum is in First grade this year, Ocean in Kindergarten, and Muloki going into Preschool. They were all pretty excited. I guess you can say Teancum, was less excited. However, Ocean was just stoked about it and is wishing she could go everyday, all day, Teancum wishes the same thing too for Ocean. I have to constantly remind them it won't be long and she will be come next year. Ocean loves taking the bus, she loves everything about school, actually. Teancum, likes his teacher, Mrs. Karen Kerr, so that's a good thing, his favorite subject would have to be 'recess' if you call it a subject. Muloki (Ky) hasn't officially started pre-school, but here in these pictures, he's heading off to "Strong-Start" which is a drop-in program w/the parents at W.L. McLeod Elementary School. He was excited to be going. Ky's pre-school program starts next month on the 6th.
A Day of Firsts for Teancum.
The Road to School! (The bus, actually.)

Have a Good day, Budd!

Ocean's First day, can you tell she's stoked?! Well, she is and was and still is.

Taking a pose just out in front of the school sign.

One of Ocean's fav's about school, riding the bus. I'm always glad to have them home after a long day, Ky is too.
My little Muloki, what a poser. He was excited and ready to go to Strong-Start!

He's heading for the car to get going.
At the doors of Education!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ocean!

Ocean blowing out her birthday pie at McDonald's since I didn't get a birthday cake, which was a-ok for her b/c she's not a real 'cake' kinda girl. Then everyone had ice cream cones after she blew out her candles.

Tuesday, May 19th, our little Ocean celebrated her 5th birthday with 4 little friends out in Prince George at the Aquatic Center Swimming Pool. She and her little friends along with a few mothers, who I'd like to say, "Thank you, for coming out and helping out at the pool.", had a great time swimming. Then afterwards went out to McDonalds to have lunch and presents and more play time. Ocean was excited for her birthday and especially to go swimming with a few of her friends.
Here's a little something about Ocean:
She's sweet, tender hearted, shy, until you get to really know her, fun, funny, loves her kitty, Jack Sparrow (Jack, Jack), is helpful around the house, can get and be a bit messy, loves doing crafts, especially scrapbooking. She loves to sing and dance, ride her bike, play soccer, which by the way, she is finally bringing out her 'A' game, as we get further into the season, play and pick on her little brother, Ky, and she absolutely LOVES WATERMENLONS.
We love our Ocean, never a dull moment with her, and she always has something to say that will make you think, "What the! Where in the world did you come up with that?" She's a bright little girl and we love her to pieces.

It's all about the presents for Ocean.

Here's the party crew. (L-R) Charley M., Ainsley M. Avery L., Ocean, Emma G.

Getting ready to get wet!

Emma, having a blast!

Charley, having fun getting everyone else wet.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soccer Season, Once again.

Yes, it is that time of year that has come upon us once again, SOCCER SEASON!  This is Teancum's second year playing, and he is so excited.  On Monday, May 4th, was the first day.  Teancum's coach is sweet, Rebecca Devries, you see just below there.  
Earlier during registration time, I asked Ocean if she wanted to play this season, since she was now of age to play.  She said, 'No', then came the first day of soccer and she went to watch.  On our way home, she says, "Mom, I think I want to play soccer now."  The little brat. [She's really not all Brat.]  Luckily, there were extra jerseys and an extra spot on Teancum's team, and Rebecca was willing to take her.  I knew Ocean would have eventually had wanted to play.  She's a pretty good little player and well coordinated when it comes to sports.
Well, now both Teancum and Ocean are playing soccer and on the same team.  Yesterday, Wednesday, May 6th, was their first game. -They play other little Timbits teams that are in the same Vanderhoof Soccer Association.  Teancum & Ocean's team is Team 1, so yesterday they played Team 2.  Grandma Maureen Arnold took them & Ky to their soccer game, because Jaram & I, unfortunately missed the game, due to traveling down to Seattle to the temple and to see my cousin, Lucy.  Anyways, while in Seattle I talked to the kids over the phone and got the spill on the game from them.  Teancum had scored a goal and Ocean got to play Goalie.  Grandma said, they had lots of fun and they played well.   I'm so proud of them, I'm sad to have missed their first game, but Jaram and I look forward to seeing the rest of their games when we get back.
Getting ready to scrimmage against each other on the team.

just heading back to the group.

Teancum, practicing on his dribble.  Just before receiving their team jersey

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Monsters VS Aliens" A night @ the movies

While Dad (Jaram) was away on a weeks sledding trip out to the mountains, I took the kids to the movies here in town at the Grand Reo Theatre to see "Monster vs Aliens", it was a movie that the kids have been waiting to see. We had a great time, the kids were just estatic to be able to see it. And it's always a 'treat' for them to be able to go to the movie theatre in town.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Relief Society slaughters the Young Women

Last night, Mar. 17th, was our 2nd Annual R.S. & Y.W. Basketball game, in Vanderhoof, BC. This year, we Relief Society had "NO MERCY" for the Young Women. Last year, we, R.S. were whipping the YW's butt, and then gave them the game in the last few seconds, beating us by 1 pt. Below you'll see the score of how the Young Women got "beat down" this year, by us, 'oldies', as the ref., Austin Mueller, called us. We all had tons of fun and some serious series of laughs. Gotta thank Austin for doing an awesome job with ref-ing the game, even though he did call some unnecessary calls on us, 'oldies', and a huge thanks to our fans & supporters who came out to watch us "relive" our B-ballin' days.
The Final Score: Relief Society 69 - Young Women 52
"The All-Star Relief Society Team 2009"
Back Row: Deni Jacobsen, Ginger Westbrook, Cori Mueller, Karen Kochel, Shawna Johnson, Tyanna Poitre, Kristine McKee, Darlene Fawcett, Melissa Albertson, Dawn Mountifield, Kerri Lybbertt, Kelsie Ingram, & Wendy Roblyer.
Front Row: Karli Hurren, Jana Jensen, Mindy Gulbranson, Rubie Arnold, Tiffany Thorne, Renetta Mecham, Ellen Brookes, & Emily Albertson
Missing from photo: Dana Conniff, Cherise Mountifield, & Cindy Brophy

Can you say, GOOFY!

Way to Go, Ladies! I had a blast playing with you all last night, thanks for the good time. Look forward to seeing you out on Tuesdays, back on the court @ 1:00 pm.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Sister, My Best Friend, My HERO!

Meet my sister, Naiaga (Lisa) Purcell Magalei. She is one of my Heros. She is an amazing person and I love her. I just want you to get to know her for how I know her. I just thought I'd list on here her attributes and talents. My sister has been there for each and everyone of us, her siblings, as well as for our parents. After 3 yrs. of being married and staying with my parents to help them out, she has FINALLY left home. She and her husband, Spencer have made the "Big Move" to Lehi, Utah. My sister through the years have helped us all in some way or another. I'm not going to number the things that my sister's done, b/c there are many, but here are a few.

The Things Lisa has done:

Took care of our mom during her times of surgery.

Helped out mom & dad with payments & living arrangements.

Helped my brother Dicky, and I, financially throught out our missions.

Helped out big time, financially, in every siblings wedding -especially mine.

Takes good care of her husband, Spencer with his needs and injuries.

Always helping mom and dad out when they ask for ridiculous "faalavelave's".

Always spoiling her nieces and nephews.

The first of our family to have graduated from University, (Cal State Dominguez Hills).

Taught P.E. and coached volleyball at Bell HS, in Bell, CA. for 10 years.

She must have been in about 10+ weddings before her very own.

She married Spencer Sale Magalei on Feb. 25, 2006 and sealed to him on Oct. 11, 2008.
She was always there for me over "stupid-teenage" break-up's.

She just received a coaching position for the Volleyball team of Mt. Timpanogas HS, Utah.

and much, much more.

The things Lisa likes to do:

Spend Money on her nieces and nephews

Take pictures of her and Spencer. [ain't no joke]

Shopping! [the girl can spend. ha, ha]

Getting her hair done, and having pedicures.

Dance, dance, dance.
Sports! [Volleyball & Basketball]

Play & spend time with her nieces and nephews.
Talk on the phone. [She's always calling me, if I don't call her]

Laugh! [I love her laugh].

Give her nieces and nephews hugs and kisses.

Being with her #1, ME! (LOL!)

Eat out, especially at L&L. [ha,ha]

Cook! She's a great cook.

Blog! She's awesome at it. [She helped me do the changes to mine]

Play computer games. [A time waster of hers.]

Drive like a crazy woman. [She really is a good driver] Utah, Beware!

Lend a listening ear. [If you or the topic is worth listening to.]

Make people laugh.

and much more.

Lisa is:
A Spirit Daughter of God,
The daughter of Alapati & Tauaipolu Purcell,
A beloved sister to Robert, Dicky, and me,
A favorite aunt amongst her nieces & nephews,
A loving wife,
A teacher,
A coach,
A mentor,
Fun to be with,
Easy to get along and to please,
A best friend,
Stubborn (sometimes),
I love my sister! I am so thankful to have her as my sister, and my one and only sister and true friend.. My life is and has been greatly blessed to have a sister such as her. I don't know what I would do without her and what my life would be if I didn't have her as my sister. My brothers and I are very fortunate to have her in our lives. I'm sure my brothers would agree. And I know that our parents are very grateful to have had her.

Love you, Lisa!

My Home, Back In Order!

There you have it! My kitchen and home is back in order. I thought since I had my home back in order I thought I'd give you a little tour of my home through this post and the following one or two posts, so I hope you enjoy it.

My counter, how it is and should always be. But as you previously saw, is not like it at all times, but I strive to have it that way most times.

My kitchen at it's best.

My dining area. Don't mind the chairs, one of these years we'll get a real nice set. Maybe order a "True North" brand one through "Upon The Shelf", (winks). This set will do for now.
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Letting my house go to crap!

Ok, so this is my kitchen sink counter gone to crap. I promise, I really don't let my place get like this often, but since I did, I thought I'd be nutso and take pictures of and be even more coocoo by putting it up here on my blog. So, there you have it I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper some days.

This here, Ky, was having the time of his life and got into the cups and cookie cutters and decided that they belonged on my kitchen floor.
Toys! I can't stand having toys on my living room floor. There you see Teancum, trying to assemble his Hot Wheels track.

My counter and mantle just thrashed. Cream O Wheat box not even put back into the pantry after making some for Ocean for breakfast. Ugggh!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shop, Shop, Shop, Oh How we Love to Shop!

Here we are in Chino Hills, CA, shopping area, doing a bit of shopping and having fun looking around in shops. Here are a few pixs of the kids and I, as well as with their aunty Lisa. It's so much fun, and I find it a whole lot better shopping down in the states than back home in Canada. Maybe because, the prices are better and there's a whole lot more of a variety of shops to shop from. I had a great time shopping for some clothes for the kids & myself, and a few little gifts for some friends back home for their help in a few things w/me being down here in California.
Ocean and Ky, had tons of fun killing time between shops by being entertained with this water fountain thingy. Between "Victoria Secrets" and "Bath & Body Works", we must've been at this water spray for a good 20 mins. that's how much fun these two were having with the water spray.

Whooa Mom, look at that!

This is my beautiful Sister, Lisa, with the kids, just taking a moment to have a picture taken.

So, here are some pictures of the shops that we went shopping and looking through. I got a few little gifts from here for some friends that I mentioned earlier for back home who have helped me with some things while me being down here, in LA.

So, here's a cute little story about Ky and this store. While waking along outside of this shop and just before going into it, we kept seeing a lot of the "Victoria's Secret" ads, which of course you can imagine what they would be like, b/c there really are "no secrets" to "Victoria's Secret" ads. So, every time we came across an ad in the window, Ky would say, "Yuck Mom, Yuck". It was so darn cute that my sister and I started chuckling and Ky then says, "Not funny mom, not funny!" Yes, kids say the darndest things, and he definitely knows what "modesty" is for a 3 year old. I guess I'm doing something right.

Love this place, had the cutest girl things, but didn't really have anything I was needing for the kids. However, it was great having to go in and look around.

Gotta love "Old Navy". Everybody loves "Old Navy! At least I do. I got some really cute tops here for myself, and some awesome clothes for my boys at some really great prices. That's really why I love this store, it's got cute clothes for affordable prices. Love It! My sister even got Ocean a few cute shirts. Now this is one of the biggest things that I will surely miss about the states, are the shops and affordable shopping. But, I am thankful to be where I am, in Vanderfhoof, BC Canada, even though we don't have the convienences and shops as the states do, but it definitely gives me something to always look forward to when I come down to the states, when coming to visit my family. We girls just all love to shop, especially, when you can get more for your money!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A February Spring in L.A.

So, here are just a few of some pixs that I decided to take and have with, with my new camera. They're nothing like my photography 'idols' Karli & Kara, but I'm learning and I think they'll do for now. So, enjoy a bit of some nature found in L.A.

SledNecks Party

Ok, so here's Jaram giving the kids rides back up the hill during our sledding party out at Daniel & Camille's new property out on Bave Rd. I think they lost a rider coming up the hill.
Ruger Daniel Albertson taking a moment to pose & give a little smile.

Brynli Albertson freezing her nose off. Poor child. She did have fun, though. Check out the pretty background which the sunset made just before getting entirely dark.

Camille Albertson braving up to head down the hill alone.

Ky with buddy, Whitney Albertson, enjoying the watch of watching everyone else sled, from the top of the hill.

Ky waiting for daddy to come and get hime to go sledding just beyond that line of trees behind him.

Jaram taking Ocean (in pink), Mykenzie Albertson (purple), and Teancum out to the sledding hill.

Teancum (on the right) and one of his best buddies, Karson Albertson, just taking a moment to pose before "slednecking" down the hill.

This is one of my fav's of a candid of Ocean. She's like in thought as she watches the others sled down the hill and as she winds down before the sledding party comes to an end.

Here's the sledding party crew heading out to the spot. (L-R) Jaram, Ky[look real close and you can see him thru the truck window inside the cab], Hyrum Albertson, Mykenzie Albertson, Teancum, Ocean, Ruger Albertson, & Daniel Albertson. The kids were so stoked to be riding in the back of the pick up.