Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to School!

Hey, FINALLY an updated post! Here are all three of my kids heading back to school or heading to school for the very first time. Teancum is in First grade this year, Ocean in Kindergarten, and Muloki going into Preschool. They were all pretty excited. I guess you can say Teancum, was less excited. However, Ocean was just stoked about it and is wishing she could go everyday, all day, Teancum wishes the same thing too for Ocean. I have to constantly remind them it won't be long and she will be come next year. Ocean loves taking the bus, she loves everything about school, actually. Teancum, likes his teacher, Mrs. Karen Kerr, so that's a good thing, his favorite subject would have to be 'recess' if you call it a subject. Muloki (Ky) hasn't officially started pre-school, but here in these pictures, he's heading off to "Strong-Start" which is a drop-in program w/the parents at W.L. McLeod Elementary School. He was excited to be going. Ky's pre-school program starts next month on the 6th.
A Day of Firsts for Teancum.
The Road to School! (The bus, actually.)

Have a Good day, Budd!

Ocean's First day, can you tell she's stoked?! Well, she is and was and still is.

Taking a pose just out in front of the school sign.

One of Ocean's fav's about school, riding the bus. I'm always glad to have them home after a long day, Ky is too.
My little Muloki, what a poser. He was excited and ready to go to Strong-Start!

He's heading for the car to get going.
At the doors of Education!


Karli said...

Your kids are adorable and growing up so fast! Can't to meet the new one!!

Lisa Purcell Magalei said...

I REALLY MISS THEM! They are growing so fast and I'm happy that they're happy to be going to school. Give them lots of hugs and kisses from me!