Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vancouver Temple Trip

We absolutely love our new Vancouver Temple. The kids enjoyed it, which we were relieved, not that they wouldn't, but they did and they did well on the tour, surprisingly. After the tour we asked each kid what was their favorite thing about the temple.
Teancum: The Baptistry, The Garden Room, & Sealing Room. (In that order).
Ocean: The Sealing Room & Bride's Room
Muloki: The Garden Room & Baptistry
As for me, it was having to be in the Celestial Room with Jaram and the kids! There was an overwhelming feeling of the spirit as we all entered into that room together. I thought to myself that one day, when my children become of age and are worthy to enter the temple that this is what it will be like, or even more! I'm so grateful for such an experience and to have shared it with my children. I'm grateful for eternal families. I pray that I may live up to my calling as a mother and fulfill my calling in raising my children to achieve the goal of returning to the temple and especially to their Father in Heaven.
I love the temple! We are so blessed to finally have within our midst. I cant wait to back again!


Sheri and Dan said...

Wait, when did you have another baby? I am so jealous, we are going to try and make it up to the temple this summer

Summer said...

We are so excited to go this week. What a good idea to record what the kids thought. Beautiful pics.

Sheri and Dan said...

Sister Purcell-

I can't seem to find your email address, we might come up for a visit at the end of August. What do you think? Send me your email address and phone number when you get a chance.