Monday, December 13, 2010

Muloki's 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to my little Muloki Joseph!
I can't believe how much and how fast my baby boy is growing in to a big boy. Ky is such a sweetheart. He's loving, thoughtful, and lovable. He's good little friend, a great help at home with little chores, and an awesome big brother to his baby sister, Koral. She really loves him. We all do!
Ky celebrated his 5th, by having a few of the boys from his Kindergarten class over, as well as some from his primary class, for a sledding party. The party was a hit! The boys all had a blast going sledding and then coming in to warm up, sing 'Happy Birthday', open presents, have birthday cake, and then have some play-time with toys down in our basement. It was definitely a fun filled afternoon.
A huge thanks to you mom's for bringing your boys and for some mom's staying to hang out.
Ky wanted a 'tug-boat' cake for his birthday.

Here you have the whole gang:
Bjorn T., Thayne H. Eryck D., Muloki A., Noah G., Jack H.,
Kaid L., & Hyrum A.

Bjorn T. focused.

Hyrum A. just chillin'.

Thayne H. at the end of a slide.

Ky & Eryck D. having a grand ol' time!

Kaid L., he's thinking about it.

Hyrum A. having a good time!

Noah G. & Jack H. having a great time sharing a sled!

The gang all inside.

He got 'em all blown out in 2 blows. lol!

Ky & Jack H.

Ky w/Kaid L.

With Thayne. Thayne made Ky an awesome homemade card, which Ky loved.

Bjorn T.
Ky is lovin' his monster truck.

Hyrum A. Ky is loving this snowball maker too!

Noah G. Every boy loves Transformers.

Eryck D.
Funny story: At the beginning of Kindergarten, Ky come home with a note from his teacher saying he had hit Eryck as they were getting in line to go to the Gym. A few days later he comes home to say that he and Eryck are best budds at school and are getting along.
Boys! Just had to get their differences out was all.

This should be one of Ky's most memorable birthdays! He had tons of fun and lots of great presents, and not too mention, a great company of friends.
Thanks boys!

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Lisa Purcell Magalei said...

That's awesome, sis. He looks like he had lots of fun!